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Glass Dome - Large


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Elegant large glass dome, sometimes called a bell jar, used for displaying personal and precious items. Think creatively and use the glass dome for covering mementos, photographs, prints, postcards and plants to make an interesting visual display. These are often used in retail and art gallery contexts to create a focal point. They can be used to house a scented candle, perfume or plant - when the dome is lifted a concentrated waft of scent is released . We stock three sizes in the plain glass dome:

Glass Dome (Large) - Height: 33cm x Diameter: 18cm

Glass Dome (Medium) - Height: 28cm x Diameter: 16cm, see it here.

Glass Dome (Small) - Height: 21cm x Diameter: 14cm, see it here.

We also stock this beautiful glass dome with a mirrored wooden base:

Glass Dome with Base - Height 27cm x Diameter 18cm, see it here.